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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cremation?

Cremation is a form of disposition, which is accomplished by exposing the body to heat. Cremation is considered by the state of Wisconsin as final disposition, such as burial or entombment.

What are the regulations regarding cremation?

Because cremation is an irreversible process and the process itself will eliminate any ability to determine exact cause of death, Wisconsin statute mandates a waiting time period of 48 hours before cremation may occur. A death certificate, a coroner’s release, as well as permission from the next of kin, must be completed before the cremation may take place.

Are cremations done individually?

Yes, at All-Care Cremation Center, we believe that everybody should be treated with dignity and respect, and are individually placed in the cremation unit for cremation.

Does All-Care Cremate Pets?

No, we do not cremate any animals, we believe that a veterinarian facility is best suited for this procedure. However, we would be happy to assist you with information regarding the loss of your pet.

Is a casket required for cremation?

No. However, in order to maintain the utmost dignity as well as insuring sanitary conditions, we require a combustible, leak proof, rigid, covered container. It may be made of wood, or other combustible material. We have a varitey of containers that are acceptable, or you may supply your own container that will meet the requirements of the crematory.

How long does the cremation process take?

The container is exposed to heat for a period of approximately 3 to 4 hours. The exact length of time necessary for cremation will vary depending on the size and weight of the individual. The temperatures will range between 1400 to 1800 degrees. The cremated remains are carefully removed from the cremation unit, and are processed into fine particles.

Can cremation be witnessed by a family member or designated individual?

Yes, the next of kin has the option to view their loved one being placed into the cremation unit. Any other family member or individual would need permission from the next of kin in order to view this procedure.

Do all religions permit cremation?

Religious positions vary widely regarding cremation. Some require it, other disallow or advise against it, and others take no position at all. If you are uncertain as to the position your religion embraces, we would advise you to speak directly with your clergy.

Can we have a traditional funeral and visitation with cremation?

Yes, you are able to have a funeral in the church, at the funeral home, or a location of your choice prior to cremation. Cremation does not take the place of a funeral. Cremation is simply a method of preparing human remains for final disposition.

Is embalming required?

No, embalming is not required for cremation. However, it MAY be necessary if the family has selected a service with a public viewing prior to cremation.

Do we have to purchase an urn?

No, All-Care Cremation Center provides a temporary container for the cremated remains. We also offer an extensive selection of urns within a wide price range, beginning at $125.00.

What is the policy in regards to disposition of artificial hips, knees etc?

The metal is collected by a funeral director, following the cremation process. All-Care Cremation Center is affiliated with a national medical recycling facility which collects the material twice a year. The organization issues a check to us, and we in turn forward it to “The Wisconsin Juvenile Diabetes Foundation,” in the form of a donation.

Can I scatter the cremated remains?

Please be advised that scattering cremated remains is an irreversible act. You are allowed to scatter cremated remains on your personal private property. When scattering cremated remains on public land or water, you need to abide by state and local regulations.

Can we bury cremated remains on the same space as a loved one?

Yes, most cemeteries allow the burial of cremated remains on an occupied space; this process is known as “Second Right of Internment.” The entombment of cremated remains in an occupied crypt may also be acceptable at a mausoleum. Be sure to check with your cemetery or mausoleum regarding their fees and specific protocol. Or we will be happy to assist you with information relating to this matter.

If we decide not to bury or entomb the cremated remains may I pick them up at the funeral home?

Yes, you may set up an appointment to receive the cremated remains. All-Care Cremation Center believes that every person deserves the utmost dignity and respect. After a reasonable amount of time, if the cremated remains, are not claimed by an authorized next of kin; the cremated remains are placed in a crypt that is owned by All-Care Cremation Center at a local mausoleum. The next of kin always has the right to receive the cremated remains from the mausoleum at anytime in the future.

Why is it important to call a funeral home that has its own crematory?

When called, a director will assist you with the details regarding your loved one’s cremation. Peace of Mind comes from the knowledge that your loved one once entrusted into our care, will always remain with us, during the course of this difficult time.

Is it necessary for a cremation center to be affiliated with a professional organization?

No, but All-Care Cremation Center is associated with CANA (Cremation Association of North America). They have trained All-Care Cremation Center funeral directors with the proper use of the cremation equipment ensuring the utmost care of the body and cremated human remains.

Can I tour the cremation facility?

Yes, All-Care Cremation Center is available for tours, please call All-Care Cremation Center in advance for more information, and schedule an appointment. You may also attend one of our scheduled seminar sessions that are held throughout the year.

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