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How to Write a Meaningful Sympathy Card


Writing a Sympathy card that has meaning to a family, can be challenging.  We hope this will assist you in sending a card to the family.


Be sure to give the card some thought. 

Give it some thought: Consider that your note is likely to be among several dozen or even hundreds
of notes received, and compared with the messages typical of sympathy cards, you don't want to sound waxy.
 The goal? Express yourself sincerely without sounding like you knew the person/situation better than you actually did. 


Start with "Dear [insert first names of recipients]," or "Dear [insert last name] family"

 Be sure to spell names correctly; this indicates sincerity.
You may want to practice writing the note on something other than the
actual card to be sure it will fit in the space available.


Aim to write a simple statement of sympathy that accurately reflects your feelings of sadness, followed by a statement of support.

 Think about how you would feel if you had experienced the loss yourself. If you had a personal connection to the person/situation, speak from your experience. 

In any case, avoid statements that imply mourners should feel certain emotions.
People mourn in different ways and at different depths. You can't get it wrong if you stick to what you know and would feel comfortable
saying out loud in the presence of those who are mourning.


Sign the card neatly and have your partner/family members sign it, too.

 This emphasizes your sincerity and indicates that members of your family acknowledge the loss.


Address and mail your card to the person(s) coordinating funeral arrangements (you can get names and addresses from the funeral director or clergy). Or deliver the card in person when visiting mourners or attending the funeral or other event that acknowledges the loss.






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