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An urn is the receptacle used to hold cremated remains and are available in a wide range of prices, and in a variety of materials.  Such examples of urn material are: Plastic, Stone, Cardboard, and the most common are Wood and Metal.  Feel Free to click here to view a sampling of the urns we offer here at All-Care Cremation Center.

Selecting an urn can be a very personal decision.  Keeping this in mind, we have a wide variety to choose from, including the most basic to the highly individual urns.  Urns can be personalized by the urn of a photo or

engraving to represent ones lifestyle. The urn you choose may be permanently placed in a mausoleum niche, columbarium, buried at a cemetery, or you may decide to keep the urn at home.  Some cemeteries may require a vault for the urn if you were to select burial.  We do offer vaults that are acceptable at all local cemeteries.

Another option would be scattering the cremated remains in a cemetery scattering garden, at sea, or in some other location, so long as it is in accordance with local laws. This decision should be chosen carefully in that it is irreversible process.

We do offer Keepsake Urns, which come in many different sizes, to hold a small amount of cremated remains for personal retention.

We also offer Keepsake Pendants, which you are able to place cremated remains, a locket of hair, or dried flowers from the service inside of the pendant.  Having a Keepsake Pendant has proven to help family members cope more easily with the loss, having a source of comfort in their hands and to find peace in their hearts.

, is becoming a popular trend.  We take a finger print of your loved one, and submit it to a company that in turns makes a three-dimensional print using a time honored process of lost wax casting.  The finished piece makes real memories at each stage of life’s cycle.  These are available in Sterling Silver, White Gold, and Yellow Gold.

Feel free to contact us to view our selection that will fit your personal needs the best.




Feel free to watch the video that we have provided to your right to help answer any questions that you may have reguarding cremation containers.


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